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Wildflower Finder Switzerland - THE Swiss App to easily identify the most beautiful wildflowers from Switzerland and Central Europe - rare species as well as the most common flowers of forests and meadows were included. Your invaluable field guide.

flowers is easy - no internet needed!
The flowers can be searched by; flower color, flower composition, leaf shape, flowering period and/or by text searching.

To help you identify flowers, you’ll find several pictures per flower showing the bloom, plant, detail as leaves and stems and a picture of the flower in its habitat.
A fine selection of 346 flower portraits featuring over 1'500 amazing large-format photos and the most important botanical information.

With educational game to learn the english and scientific flower names.

Adding field data! The App allows the user to create their very own list of favorites, adding notes and pictures. The list can also be complemented by adding photos of flowers taken directly during the mountain walks.

The Catalog can be sorted alphabetically by either name, family or genus.
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